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White Sheet

Honor the Past, build our future.


I want to support a proven leader.


Why Sandra is running

Improve Tribal Services

Sandra will prioritize the most in need rather than serving the interest of others. Supporting policies that promote fairness and equality.

Protect Children & Elders

Sandra will promote policy that is right for the community, not just what looks good on paper. The community deserves to have its needs met.

Protect Our Employees

Sandra will reward the hard working employees and promote excellence and opportunity for all employees, not a select few.


Proven 30+ years of administration and planning experience, backed by a strong educational foundation.

Proven extensive national and local board involvement, complementing dedicated service on the National Council.

Proven expertise in implementing quality programs with performance standards, committed to accountability, transparency, and enhancing services for ALL citizens.

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Frustrated citizens want better and I agree, we must do better. We need to listen to commonsense solutions and use these solutions so that we can succeed together. I'm running to give you a voice and real change to the Muscogee Creek Nation."

- Sandra Golden

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